eyepower red UPDATE

I am pleased to report that the problems with the moulding of the plastic housing of the eyepower red have now been resolved. The injection moulding factory have made a variety of changes to the mould tool and carried out numerous tests in white plastic to ensure that the result is consistent.

The final result can be seen below:

However, to achieve the required result with the new mould tool we will have to upgrade the welding machine used in production to one with significantly more power. This involves extra new investment and regrettably an additional delay while we wait for delivery of the new machine.

A 15KHz 4200W Ultrasonic Welder is being
purchased to replace our existing 1500W machine

For speed we will have the new machine air freighted from China which means we should take delivery within
10-14 days.

The eyepower website has now been updated to offer eyepower reds to new customers from July 1st.

This is now the date when we expect to have completed all existing orders.

So while this is yet a further delay – for which again I can only apologise – there is now the prospect of a final resolution and all the back orders being shipped during the month of June.

However, owing to the additional investment we are having to make we have had to increase the price of
eyepower red for NEW customers.

We will of course honour the price you have already paid for your order.

Please remember, you still have the option to cancel if you wish for a full refund, but please be aware that if you re-order at a later date I regret that the new higher price will apply.

Finally we also have a few B-Grade eyepower reds left at a discount if you would like to take delivery more
immediately. The B-Grade product have imperfections in the plastic casing which does NOT affect the function of the product.

To order a B Grade product please click here

With thanks and regards,
Stephen Allen and all at eyepower