Key Terms

Please review the following terms before applying to be an eyepower Partner.

When you apply to join the eyepower Partner Program, it will imply a tacit acceptance of the terms listed below.

1. The Partner must operate a business that is directly in or closely related to the health and well-being sector.
We will not pay commission on sales where eyepower red is being promoted as part of a general portfolio of products unrelated to the health and well-being sector.

2. To allow for any possible customer returns, commission will be paid at the month end following the month of a completed sale.

3. There is no minimum account balance required for payment to be made.

4. Commission payments will be made to the Partners Paypal account or any other valid account designated by the Partner.

5. The Partner is free to embed the eyepower link available in the Partner Login Account, in any online material on the condition that it does not misrepresent the eyepower product in any way in terms of its physical nature or its capabilities.