Questions and answers

Research into the benefits of deep red 670nm light for the eyes is still relatively new but even so it has produced some promising results. 

However, it must be emphasised that eyepower red is not sold as a medical device to improve eyesight or cure eye disease.  

To date there has not been sufficient clincial trials to firmly establish the curative properties of deep red light.

However, what is clear is that regular sessions of deep red light can improve the efficiency of the mitochondria in the photoreceptor cells of your retina.  This means that they are better at converting ATP to energy and so will help keep your eyes healthy for longer.

eyepower red delivers low power 670nm near deep red light for a timed 3 minute period.

Using 670nm red light in this way has been approved by the Ethics Committees of both Moorfields Eye Hospital and the Department of Ophthalmology at the University College London – both are leaders in their field in the UK.

Furthermore, research using 670nm is continuing at both establishments to further explore the potential benefits of red light in eye health.

eyepower red has been independently tested and approved to ensure it conforms to the correct wavelength and power requirements.

On this basis, you can be sure that 670nm light, as delivered by eyepower red, is perfectly safe and delivers benefits to long term eye health.

Research at University College London has found that a weekly 3 minute session of deep red light is sufficient to help maintain eye health.  

Although a weekly routine is considered the minimum frequency necessary, further 3 minute sessions during the week could provide additional benefits and will not be harmful.  

However, there is insufficient research at this time to fully quantify the benefits, which in addition have been found to vary between individuals.

Standard contact lens are made from a soft plastic which is transparent to deep red light. You can therefore use eyepower red without the need to remove your them.

eyepower red is perfectly safe to use with replacement lens’s after cataract surgery, however we would urge you to check with your ophthalmic consultant before commencing sessions of deep red light.

As you will naturally have clearer vision with new lens’s you may find the light too bright until your eyes adjust over time.  If this is the case then we recommend that you try closing your eyes or position the eyepower red a little further away from your eyes until you have become accustomed to the light.

Unfortunately, there is currently insufficient clinical evidence to show that deep red light can prevent or reverse the effects of age related dry macular degeneration.

However, as outlined in Question 1, it has been shown that deep red light can contribute to the long term general health of the photoreceptor cells in the retina.

There is no reason you cannot use eyepower red if you have glaucoma to help maintain general eye health.

Unfortunately there is currently no clinical evidence that using deep red light will provide any improvement in the condition.

However, research will soon be underway at a UK university to investigate the effects of deep red light on subjects with glaucoma.   We eagerly await the outcome..

While using your eyepower red, it is quite normal to experience different colours. Most common are orange, blue and green.  Sometimes you may even find the colours change during the session.  What you are experiencing is the retina responding to the red light which gives the appearance of the light changing colour.  The red light emitted by the eyepower red always remains fixed.