Is the charging cable loose or your eyepower is not charging?
The eyepower red, has a recessed charging socket which is soldered to the main control board for strength. This means the socket will never come loose!

eyepower red USB connection cable

However, it does mean that you have to push the USB charging connector further in to the base of the device than you might think.

It is also quite a tight fit so do not be too gentle, it needs quite a firm push.

When the connector is properly inserted it will be a tight fit and will not feel loose if you move the cable around.

Once the connector is fully inserted the blue light will start to flash 3 times every few seconds to show that it is charging.

If you are seeing a Red/Green/Blue light flashing please see the section below.


Why is the indicator light flashing red, green and blue?
This indicates the battery has run out of charge and needs to be re-charged before the device will operate.
Plug the charging cable into the base of the eyepower red and give the ON button a short press (Do not hold the button down).

After a few seconds the indicator light will give the normal 3 blue flashes to show that it is charging.

After 3 to 4 hours you should then get a constant blue light showing that it is fully charged.


Why am I not getting a constant blue light after charging for a few hours?
If your eyepower red is not showing a constant blue light after a few hours on charge then please check the following:

1) Firstly, please make sure the cable is connected correctly as outlined in the previous section.

2) If the plug is connected correctly and you are finding that the flashing blue light never changes to a constant blue light after 5 or 6 hours, then it suggests that your USB plug adaptor does not have sufficient current to fully charge the device.  However, there will still be sufficient charge for it to be used normally.

You could also try swapping to a different charger plug. Most modern mobile phone charger plugs work well such as Apple, LG or Samsung.


What else can affect battery life?
Reminder Function

Your eyepower red has a visual reminder function which drains the battery quicker when it is on.

To check the status of the reminder function please do the following:

– Press the On button to get the dim red light and immediately press the On button again before the red light turns bright.

– Check the colour of the indicator light.   If it flashes BLUE RED BLUE then the reminder is now turned off and battery life will improve.

However, if the indicator flashes BLUE GREEN BLUE then the reminder was off and we have just turned it on.

To turn it off again just repeat the process above to turn the reminder off again as confirmed by the BLUE RED BLUE lights.

Accidental Switch On
The button on the bottom of your eyepower can be quite sensitive and so it is quite easy to turn it on when placed down on a surface or knocked in its case.

When placing your eyepower red on a hard surface please lay it on its front or upside down so the button is not in contact with the surface.

Cold Temperatures
As with all batteries, performance is degraded at cold temperatures.

If a battery has been subject to very cold temperatures for a while it can also sometimes help to leave it in a warm location (around 30 deg C  / 85 deg F for a few hours) to improve the battery condition.