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Essential eye care for everyone over 40


Essential eye care for everyone over 40

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Keep fit for your eyes

Once we reach mid-life, the ageing process in our eyes starts to accelerate. Just one short 3-minute session of deep red light once a week can help you get the best from your eyes into old age and should be included as part of your regular fitness routine.

your fastest ageing organ

It’s a fact that the retina in your eye ages faster than any other organ in your body.

From 40 years onward there are measurable signs that your vision is declining and by the age of 70 your retina will have lost 30% of its photoreceptors. Retinal ageing can affect vision and may have an impact on eye health in later years.

The problem with ageing

The retina at the back of our eye captures images and allows us to ‘see’ and interpret the world around us. 
As we age, the energy source starts to wear out,  risking vision problems later in life.

deep red light holds the key

Have you heard of Photobiomodulation? This is how deep red light works, by reecharging the tiny batteries in cells.  These batteries are called mitochondria and play a key role in regulating the ageing process.

 is the world’s first low cost eye charger designed for home use


Deep red light in the near infrared range directly improves the efficiency of mitochondria in producing ATP.


Deep red light in the near infra red range has been tested by the University College London as a safe emitter.


A do-it-yourself solution designed for personal home use at a fraction of the cost of specialist clinics and opticians.


A lightweight, compact design allows for easy portability so you can give your eyes a workout where ever you are.

technical data


Premium grade 670nm Deep Red LED cluster


3 minute session timer with automatic switch off


Rechargeable battery with 2 weeks between charges


170mm x 165mm x 48mm


215 grams


Protective case with zip shutter & USB charger cable


2 years



You may return your eyepower red in its original condition up to 30 days from delivery date for a refund. You are only responsible for the return postage costs.

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